Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Toured to Death Book Review

       I have been a lover of mysteries since I was a kid. I remember traveling to Pennsylvania Dutchland where my Grandparents lived  and having my Grandma remark how "good" I was because all I did was read. Well, things haven't changed much I still do an enormous amount of reading and I am a sucker for cozy Mysteries. I loved Hy Conrad's Toured To Death Cozy Mystery. Hy Conrad is a favorite author of mine anyway and this book did not disappoint. Amy and her Mom run a travel agent but more than that in this book they are doing a live murder mystery. What fun! The book for me was fun and lively I enjoyed how as you were probably hoping... we did have death hit the scene and then all the guests really had a lot more on their hands than a simple game. As the book progresses Amy ends up back in the city playing detective. I found this book delightful and charming if you are a Cozy mystery junkie you will love it! One thing I want to mention here too is that Hy Conrad, the author wrote the Monk series. Definitely a big thumbs up for this book!

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