Thursday, April 26, 2018

Entering good Sweepstakes

Welcome to today's free sweepstakers newsletter. I don't know about you but I hate wasting my time entering sweepstakes that are questionable or have too many like this this  page and that page yadda, yadda. Here are some tips if you don't have tons of time and want to enter reputable sweeps. - Enter ones that ASK for your address (hopefully they will just send the prize!) and from Big name companies and well known sweepstakes that have been going on for years and that you KNOW people are winning. Some of my favorites are the Magazines, Big  companies, Extra , Red Carpet, Classic heartland, Sweep on, good reads, etc. I like all the sweepstakes but I hate chasing prizes and having to do a ton of things for a small prize. Don't forget to click on my sweepstakes tab above to see all the places you can enter ( I am constantly updating this list!!!! so check back daily.Here are a few to get you started today

Win clothing Win a designer bag

Win perfume Win gym bag

Win a grill Enter to win Enter to win

$500 shopping spree

enter to win

Win cleaning supplies

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Sweepstakes 4.23.2018

Hey all we missed a few days here.. we had a unexpected visit from family for a few days :) 

Enjoy today's Sweepstakes

Win a turn table
Racing Sweepstakes
Enter to win

2 sweeps one is a pop up
Free groceries for a year - limited
Enter to win

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Saturday, April 21, 2018


We took a couple vacation days after about 7 years ... but back to work today! 

Here are today's sweepstakes

knife set

$500 gift card

sport equipment


Enter to win

Win a style package

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Check out my big list of #SWEEPSTAKES - and why save junk email?

Image result for junk mail
With sweepstakes comes tons of Junk mail.. it is really important to check your junk mail for sweepstakes. When you enter sweepstakes many of these same sweepstakes will email you whenever a new one comes out. I like to check my email a few times during the day and clean it out from all the junk ads.  To keep my junk mail down I do not sign up for the newsletters, etc. when entering. Sometimes when you enter you do have to sign up for the newsletter and it may actually be part of the entry. I also UNSUBSCRIBE daily from any contests that are over. Cleaning out the junk email is part of the maintenance of sweeping or it will pile up on you and you will start to miss wins.  You can also quickly go over it and then read it later in your "TRASH" until it is deleted forever. Or you can put it in a file in your mail marked read later. BUT ONLY SAVE IT AFTER you have responded to wins or you will have a big mess. Why save it at all?You need to save these for  confirming and entering new sweeps ! If you are entering tons of sweepstakes you will have sweeps that want you to confirm your entry (it is good to do these right away when looking for wins.. but if you get crazy busy with life you may have to come back later. I hate to save all the junk .. but this will help keep your email in order. The reason you will set a pile aside is to keep your email from going to 1,000 or 10,000 and then you feel overwhelmed and start missing wins. At the end of the day it's all about not missing those wins - in your email, on fb, on twitter, instagram, text messages, etc..  So check often during the day so they don't slip through your fingers!

Win a handbag

Tech giveaway
Win a vacation!

Two sweeps - One pops up on screen!

Free movie

Win a gaming chair


$300 amazon gift card

Win a Bible handbag

Win boots

7 piece outdoor set

Win a kindle fire
Win $5000

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Today's Sweepstakes

It all started about 10 years ago when I was married to my ex- husband. He was treating me really bad and I was getting sicker, and sicker, and sicker. I went to the doctor one time during this time with the flu and he said "You don't have the flu, you are under a lot of stress!" I had lots of doctor visits, and trouble. Needless to say he had many problems and my son and I were sad but happy to move on after his final girlfriend. I filed for divorce met my now husband Clay (Clay and I have been married 7 beautiful years!) but even though you are happy and moving forward there was still the stomach trouble etc.. as part of the aftermath from the enormous amount of stress I was under. I was taking medicine and trying to keep things under control. My prayer partner and I had taken a long break from praying daily and we started praying together again. We prayed for my stomach and I noticed that I wasn't having trouble anymore. I thought.. wow, I haven't had that trouble for awhile now.. I noticed I could eat some of the bad foods and I didn't feel like I would double over in pain or have acid reflux. I noticed it didn't come back and then Hallelujah ! I realized I was totally healed! What a miracle! 10 years, even my new doctor since I moved out of the area asked me .. how come so many upper GI tests? My other doctor said I am starting to wonder what I can do for you? - He was EXCELLENT! He knew I was having trouble and I actually had my allergist say if you left your husband this will stop, along with a chiropractor, etc.. I used to take maybe 12 pills a day.. now I take 3 one of which is a vitamin! I don't have bad allergies, I don't have many of the problems I had had before. Love comes softly.. is a favorite book of mine.. healing can come softly too and you can realize that God is a healer. This is a BIG Win for me! 

Enter to win

$2000 gift card

Trip of a lifetime

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Today's Sweepstakes

It's simple and free - 

Here is how you can help us save the bees - subscribe to us on We DO NOT get paid from youtube - Our goal has always been to teach life skills free of charge by sharing information we have gathered through life as our youtube channel is a vlog about our lives. By watching a few beekeeping videos we are hoping to ignite the love of bees in others. You don't have to be a beekeeper to save the bees in fact most people really don't want these stingy creatures within 100 feet of them! But there are things you can do.. stir up the love of bees, call a beekeeper to get your bees vs spraying them (most will get them for FREE unless they are in your house as they want your bees!!),  put out a pan of sugar water far away from kids and pets in your garden to feed them (like humming birds) to invite them to pollinate your flowers, grow flowers, etc..and of course just sharing our channel as some may have a passion and take up beekeeping and learn skills, or may want to do other positive things to promote the bees. It's simple subscribe and learn about bees enjoy! - We do videos on many things so we feel you aren't just a subscriber but part of our family :) 
Today's sweepstakes

Daily draw

enter to win

game sweeps
Win a home maker!


multiple prizes

Win a trip
$500 gift card

Test drive win
Win a makeover

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ck out my list of #SWEEPSTAKES

Throw back Thursday post

Image result for mosquitoes

I love sitting outside working on my computer working on my computer blogging and doing sweepstakes,crocheting, or reading. I hate it when bugs bother me. My sister kept complaining about how bad the bugs were at her home. She lives in Arkansas and the mosquitoes are were unbearable on her property. After doing some research she planted the below plants and said last year she didn't have any! She told me the neighbors had them so bad they had to literally run to get into their homes and couldn't sit outside at all! I am looking forward to adding these to my garden as well. 

Plants to keep away Mosquitoes away :



citronella grass

cat nip



scented gernaiums

Lemon balm




Lemon Thyme

Also using Pinesol mix with water and spray around doors or straight from the bottle wipe around doors etc.. (washing down windows etc.. with Pinesol also keeps away Asian beetles) 

Just click on the prizes you would like to win to enter :) 

$100 Amazon card

Win dance items

Techie give a way

Techie giveaway

$50 amazon card

Win a camper!

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