Thursday, January 18, 2018

Entering Contests to Game Shows! #SWEEPSTAKES #FREEBIES

Many people who enjoy sweepstakes also love contests. Contests unlike sweepstakes. where you just enter you have to do a little something to enter. Since I am talking about Contests I will also mention Game shows as well. You may not think you would ever go on a game show but once you get hooked on sweepstakes and branch out into doing some Contests going on a game show is no big deal. Try your hand at some cooking contests, video, picture etc.. Many sweeps ask for a picture etc.. get into the habit of taking that extra step as many times everyone tosses the sweeps/contests overboard. This means have less entries and a greater opportunity to win!  I make a list and when I get time I just do them all at once.  It is worth it as the chances of winning are higher. You also don't have to be perfect. Practice makes perfect and the more you do the better you will get. Some cooking contests too have higher prizes too!    Game shows are great - do some research many just require that you are part of the audience. Others will require a test, etc.. I have a friend that went on Wheel of Fortune just because they had a low audience that day. Imagine the fun my friend had when he was picked and got to spin the wheel! Enter local contests you find in the paper, online, etc.. If you aren't entering these get your feet wet and start entering more and more. You may take home a grand prize for just a little more effort! 

  why pay for a vacation when you can win it! 

Quick click Sweepstakes just click on the prizes 

you want to win :) 

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health sweepstakes

mail in or walk in

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1,000 visa card and pet products

Travel sweep

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Monthly travel sweepstakes

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Five Finger Tees Review and #SWEEPSTAKES and Freebies

Paws (Jaws) T-Shirt  To order yours go to

A special thank you to Five Finger Tee Shirts who made this post possible. I love funny tee shirts. In fact my whole family does, we always get a good laugh whenever someone has a fun shirt on. Five Finger Tees has affordable funny shirts for the whole family. Perfect for Valentine's Day for that special someone, or even to purchase matching ones! We received the "Paws" shirt for our honest review. It is adorable! Great for cat lovers and Movie goers too! The quality was great and the laughs were fun too! I give this company a 5 out of 5 stars. We did receive this product for our honest review and no monies were exchanged.

Click to win - just click on the prizes you want to enter :) 

Text to win ENTERTAINMENT to 55678 Limited States $1000
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Trip to Iceland

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What to do with all those Unwanted or wanted prizes! #SWEEPSTAKES #FREEBIES

So you have been sweeping for a bit and you have prizes here and there.. Here are a couple of ideas that you may want to start right now with the ending of Christmas and Summer around the corner. Some people Sell their prizes online but here are a couple more ideas for this time of year- You can do a combination of these whatever works.

Start saving for next Christmas, baby showers, birthdays and weddings.

Sell in your yard sale

Use for family and church picnics for raffles

Donate to Senior Centers for Bingos, and events.

Start a free box or Mystery Box for visitors.

If you are in business you can give prizes to your sales team for perks to get them to sell more.

Save for secret santa or Grandma's grab bag (Put all prizes in a box- everyone picks a prize in a game if they don't like it they can exchange with any of the previous people)

Save special toys, etc.. for your kids for when they have a rainy day or for Friday night popcorn family night, etc..

Donate toys to daycares, churches, books to libraries, community centers, etc.. 

Here are a few to get you started ... 

Win a $100 gift card every month

Enter to win

Enter to win

golf sweep

win $100 Amazon card

gift card


code or mail in

win a vacation

Baby items



win sleep items

Instant Win

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Secret to winning ... Patience #SWEEPSTAKES

Image result for cartoon lady farmer  But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing - The Book of James

...I didn't exactly plan for this to happen.. but farming has given me the gift of patience.. it kinda just "sneaked up on me". In the last 7 years since I met my husband I have learned I have to WAIT for EVERYTHING. Long gone are the days of city life with the rush, rush, hurry, hurry.. Immediate take out food , or food delivery. I have to wait for my hen to sit on her eggs to hatch. I have to wait to go to the grocery store it's about 1/2 hour ride. I have to wait for each harvest to put up the food and to eat somethings I like because they are not in season and costs too much when in a few months I will eat that same thing til I am ready to gag. My daily life sure has changed big time. Patience is a wonderful asset in  this sweepstakes hobby we all share.  You have to "plant" all your little entries and wait for your harvest and pray everything comes your way! . If you faithfully plant you will faithfully reap. But in the middle is PATIENCE.. You have to WAIT for those contest to end. If you are new to sweepstakes or took a long break you can expect about 3 months to start winning steady. If you start winning early hurray! You also have to wait for each contest to end.. If you are constantly entering you will build up "bank" of sweepstakes and eventually they will all  come to a end. Don't get discouraged in the "jiggy time" Encourage yourself think over past wins or look on you tube and see what others have won. Don't STOP ENTERING ! Be committed to your hobby or you won't get the prizes :) Of course if you choose to take a break that's fine - I just want to stress don't get discouraged eventually the wins come in. It is best to look over each year verses each month in Sweeping as you may not win anything for a bit than bam, bam, bam, you may win more than ever. Patience will keep you faithful to your hobby and keep you  entering. You will get the attitude it's just a matter of time. You will know that you will reap if you don't faint and lose sight of what you are working towards. Keep your eyes on the prizes and enjoy your hobby. No matter how we slice it up at the end of the day enter, enter, enter. If you don't enter you can't win.. you just can't stop! If you stop entering out of frustration you have just stopped up your stream of possible wins. Of course if you want to take a break you should.. after all it is a hobby.. but if you are just discouraged know that dry spells are just part of the hobby but winners know it comes with the territory and the big win is right around the corner. With that here are a few to get you started on your way to your next win -

Sweepstakes Easy Click to win - Click the prizes you want to win

win book a year of less

win a cruise

Computer stuff

Trip for two

Arizona only

Enter to win

win ipad

win a hunting trip

win a tv

win a truck

Win $500

win kid things

kitchen item photo contest

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

How to keep track of all those Like and share facebook Sweepstakes #SWEEPSTAKES #FREEBIES

There are tons of Facebook Sweepstakes out there.  Many of them say come back on such a such time,  to see if you won and don't send  a message or email to inform you that you are the winner. So how can you come back to all these sweepstakes? Easy - Book Mark them on your computer. Many of these contests will say Win it Friday or Wednesday, etc.. but the contests runs from week to the next week.. that is just the day they put out the new sweepstakes. What you need to know is WHEN the winner will be announced. I suggest making a bookmark for each one and then make a list of the TIME to come back to each sweepstake you enter.  This will also help you to REMEMBER to enter each week for these sweepstakes so you can enter every week for the prizes. After awhile you will have a nice big fat list that you can just enter, enter, enter each day on facebook as there are usually contests running from Sunday - Saturdays. Make notes of any new or odd facebook contest that isn't a regular weekly event. You may want to mark these Holiday only, etc.. so you can check back around each Holiday to see if they are running something. Facebook is getting so "Fat" with sweepstakes that you can easily do a good chunk of your sweeping right there. Just be organized so you can keep track. Also ask your friends to let you know if they saw you won. Please feel free to do the same for me!!!! - I think it is always appropriate for sweeping friends to let each other know when we won. :) Even if you make a list sometimes if a contest ends early or changes come in your day you may be grateful to get that message from a friend telling you that they saw you were the winner. Here are a few sweepstakes to get you started today :) 

Quick Click Sweeps - just click on prize to enter :)

win a phone
win a desk

cool stuff win a vacation Techie product

Win a trip

Win 4 Tickets
essential oils

limited states


enter to win $250

win a hoodie
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win a $50 gas card

win a kindle fire

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air pods enter to win

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win ski item

Canada Only
$50 Amazon Card
win a bike

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Losing London #BookReview #Sweepstakes #freebies

  To order your copy go to

Today's post is made possible by Losing London by Joey Jones. This is the second book I have read by this author the first being A Bridge Apart which I loved! This second book was not a disappointment! Losing London is about two people that were close to London, who lost her life to cancer. The story is how the two people closest to her, dealt with her death and how they  fall for each other. Harper is London's sister and Mitch her lover. It is moving and heartbreaking. I really loved the writing style of Joey. I felt like the writing was down to earth and the characters seemed like real people and it didn't take me long to get engrossed in this read. Once you pick this up you won't be able to put it down until you are finished! I did receive my copy for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

Easy Click to win - Click on prizes you want to win

pet stuff


Lots of Snow.. but the sweepstakes must go on! #SWEEPSTAKES #FREEBIES

At one point in my life I actually took some minor steps in becoming a financial planner. I quickly found it wasn't for me as a career. I do know some about the stock market and one thing I know is that no matter what ,you keep investing in good times and bad. I don't have any money to invest but I do invest in my sweepstakes hobby. Rain or shine bad days or good days you just keep investing in your hobby. The Bible calls this Faithfulness. It isn't the smartest, it isn't the most beautiful.The successful people in life are FAITHFUL! A good example is when a boss considers getting rid of half his crew. A guy may not be the best, he may not be the smartest but the boss can count on him to come in every single day no matter what so he keeps him and lets go of the guy that everyone thought was his favorite. Faithfulness always wins out. In Sweepstaking.. no matter what= enter something every single day. The people who are really successfully in this hobby are the ones that faithfully do it after awhile you will be on a roll of constant wins coming in at a steady pace. 

Quick Click Sweeps - Just click on the prizes you want to win to enter :)

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