Thursday, February 8, 2018

Meet the Contest Queen Carolyn Wilman #SWEEPSTAKES #FREEBIES

Carolyn is the Contest Queen - She has been doing some facebook live events lately. She  has much to offer the Sweepstakes Community worldwide. She is approachable , down to earth and  approachable! You will definitely want to tune into her show on facebook and sub to her on youtube etc. She also has a wonderful book which shares how to organize sweepstakes and teaches how to sweepstake at conventions etc. (Buy the book you will learn Carolyn's system!) She also works in marketing with sweepstakes, etc. (just in case you are a company looking for a good contact ) I want you all to do well in your sweepstakes hobby so make sure you make a connection with her and learn from her hobby. - I am keeping my eyes open on news for the sweeping community so I will be posting news here and/or on my facebook-  Enjoy! 

Today's Sweepstakes - Just click on the prizes you would like to win - 

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